How We Work

Unlike most overseas agencies, we place nannies solely across Monaco and the Riviera. Most of our work is acquired through recommendation and word of mouth and we are careful to uphold our strong reputation by selecting only the finest nannies.

We aim to make our process as personal as possible using four steps to find the perfect nanny for you:

Step 1 - Your Family Unit

Our unique tailored approach enables us to gain a thorough understanding of your requirements as a family unit, your expectations of a what a nanny does, what level of care is required and what skills you require from your nanny to complement your family's lifestyle e.g. a competent skier, an interest in nutrition or language skills. We have years of experience and can also provide a wealth of knowledge on scheduling, contracts of employment and visas where required. 

Step 2 - Ensuring the right connection

Following a rigorous selection process, only the nannies matching your criteria will be shortlisted for you. We will provide full CV's, a recent photograph and references if requested. We will then assist with setting up an initial telephone interview and can offer you a selection of interview questions if required. We will obtain feedback from the nannies and yourselves. Once a candidate is selected for interview we can make the necessary travel arrangements on your behalf, should you wish.

Step 3 - Our Agreement

Following a successful interview we can can help you draft an employment contract. We offer information on hours, salary and job descriptions.

Step 4 - Aftercare

First Class nanny AgencyFollowing a placement within your family, a member or our team will be on hand to assess how things are working out and your level of satisfaction. In the unlikely event the match is not successful we will source a replacement free of charge (please see our terms and conditions for details).

We provide extensive ongoing client care and guidance. It is important for all parties that a nanny is happy in their new surroundings and we provide local networking to ensure that our nannies have support and social interaction.


Our fees are extremely competitive and substantially less than other leading nanny agencies.

Principality Nannies charges no Registration Fee.

When placing permanent live in or live out nannies we charge a placement fee of eight times the nanny's weekly net salary.

When placing temporary live in or live out and holiday nannies we charge a placement fee of 40 Euros per day (All temporary placement fees are subject to a minimum of 250 Euros).


"Dear Sarah, thank you for all your guidance and advice. We would never have been able to find Becky without your help. We are really grateful for your hard work."

Danielle Loughton - La Turbie

Julia Roberts, who has three children, recently told Access Hollywood that she wouldn't have been able to travel the world filming 'Eat, Pray, Love' without the support of a 'village', which included her husband, Danny, friends, family, "and oh, wait a second... a couple of amazing women who help take care of her three children"

Julia Roberts